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He is widely known for Occam's razor, the methodological principle that bears his name, and that inspired the name Occam's Paradigm.

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Occam's Paradigm is a global consulting and advisory firm that creates and implements effective and uncomplicated strategies and solutions to counter complex problems faced by our clients. We at Occam's are inspired by the philosophy behind Occam's Razor and sincerely endeavor to design most logical and easy-to-implement solutions. We acknowledge that the world is an increasingly complex and convergent place where businesses have to deal with consistently higher level of complexity. We believe that complexity can be simplified by applying our proprietary methods in creating strategies and solutions.

We believe that a simpler theory is more comprehensible and offers several advantages in the context of an increasingly complex business world. We believe that a comprehensive problem solving with the use of minimum possible variables tends to be more effective. As a part of problem solving for our clients, we at Occam's Paradigm prioritize the variables in order of criticality. Our methodology presupposes that the more crucial variables will have a more significant contribution to the solution seeking process. We believe that that asking is more helpful than telling. Additionally, our belief is that when the right questions are asked, progress will be made. Finally, we do not accept something because this is how it has been done before, we believe in pushing status quo.